Family portraits version 2018-2020

DO it thrice and it becomes a tradition that the whole family takes an updated family portrait on an bi-annual basis.

And sometimes people do ask “why” when the father takes so many photos of the two girls on almost an everyday basis? 

Mainly in all fairness, because both parents aren’t always in the photos. 😆

And it really helps when I can handover the handling of the camera and post-processing to the professionals, and this time, the great team from Moments Photography in Hongkong.

And of course, having the photo-backgrounds set up with lights all ready allows one to add in the desired moods and atmospheres. 


Few things really beat having print-worthy images of the girls and family delivered direct to us too.

And few things really cheer me up more than seeing the 2 girls on their life journeys, hopefully gaining character and wisdom day by day. 

And yes, Photography to me is still the medium by which we immortalise life’s moments 🙂 

Thank you for reading. 


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