About the Writer.

Keith Wee,

is a Photography reviewer who believes in sharing honest, hands-on reviews of photography gear with real-life samples and never without having handled the product or using stock photos,

is a Mathematics educator armed with an MEd (Curriculum & Teaching) and a B.Sc (Mathematics),

is a Father to two, and who stepped into photography by documenting life’s precious moments when he became a father,

is an Admin of the Fujifilm GFX , FujiFanBoys groups on Facebook, and a moderator of the largest Photography forum in Asia, Clubsnap.

GFX50S, GF63mm f2.8. by Ng Tiong Jin.

He works to live a life of positivism and would love to spread a bit of optimism around while figuring out life.

Contact me at moostar@gmail.com , or,

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