About the Writer.

Keith Wee,

is a Photography reviewer who believes in sharing honest hands-on reviews of photography gear with real-life samples, and never stock photos or conclusions without having handled the product,

is a Mathematics educator armed with an MEd (Curriculum & Teaching) and a B.Sc (Mathematics),

is a Father to two, and stepped into photography when he realised he better start documenting life’s little but precious moments before too late,

is an Admin of the Fujifilm GFX group on Facebook and a moderator of the largest Photography forum in Asia, Clubsnap.

GFX50S, GF63mm f2.8. by TiongJin.

He works to live a life of positivism and would love to spread a bit of optimism around, while learning about life as we prod along.

Contact: moostar@gmail.com

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