Happiness and the pursuit of it in the 2020s

Nowadays we just seem to be always in the chase for the happiness that’s elusive, that which has proven itself to be abstract.

We begin from the the moment where life starts, to school, to work and to our deathbed – chase…chase…chase, the never ending cycle of chasing happiness.

The happiness which most of us have not spent time to define what it really is to us individually,  which most is us aren’t really clear what comprises it and what makes it real

And yet the effort and the time, the pain and the hurt we invest to find happiness is real and defined. 

Is happiness a Patek Philippe ? or may it be Health? Peace of Mind? Family? Love? the newest gadgets? Control? or may it be as simple as being given the chance to exist and to create?

But we hear what society moulds us to listen, we follow and we chase.

Sometimes, I really believe while we as a species have advanced so much medically and technologically in the last few decades, we have regressed as much socially and emotionally. 

Life can be simpler, and hopefully, happiness in more simpler forms too. 

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