Thoughts about Learning in the Singapore educational system.

Just some titbits of food for thought about learning in the Singapore educational system.

As parents, being Asian plus Singaporean, we have always been deeply rooted in the concept of giving our kids a step ahead through enrichment or revision lessons and we go all out, feeding a monster of an industry in Singapore worth billions.

And today, Kei told me she wanted to show me something she learnt.

I was surprised. 

I have never sent her for any dance classes and was surprised to learn from her that she had learnt all these from interacting with the kids in the senior (K1, K2) classes, all in those short 20-30 mins after child care at the playground interactions.

To me it is a wake up call in that there is really truth in that kids will learn when they want to learn, and they will seek out the opportunities to do so.

Our educational system though established and proven does still have potential to go in seeking the fine balance between interests of the clients it serves (students, not the parents who already had their turn) and demands of the economy/society.

There’s still too much of “what one needs to learn” over “what one wants to learn”.

I hope to one day say with sincerity: “Because you are interested in learning this” over “Because you need to know this” to the students I engage with too.


& At least I can wish 🙂 

Thank you for reading. 

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