Musings: Forgetting to Live in the moment.

Life nowadays seems to mainly operate in a vicious cycle of…

“we fear to stop and we stop to fear”. 

compounded by an ever-increasing multitude of seemingly always important items that scream for a piece of our attention.

Whether it be a constant fear of missing out from the relentless mess of social media, or real life issues stemming from another problem at work, or demands of attention from family or the children.

It is of little wonder our hearts end up yearning more and more for peace but yet seems to be only sinking deeper in the chaos and noise of what we now accept as civilised society.

Fujifilm X100S – seeking Peace. 

In fact now there’s even such a  ‘thing’ to detox or detach oneself from life itself, to go on tours to find enlightenment, or on journeys to find oneself. *🙄*

Has society’s progress brought about the regression of the human mind? 

I do wonder to myself sometimes that are we busy for the sake of being busy and if we are busy, are we spending the most valuable resource we have : time , on what is worthwhile?

P.S: Nope, I am not planning to move into another long endless discussion of the meaning of life. Let’s leave that for the philosophers. 

So what works for me?

I try make meaning of my life by always reminding myself to with the best of my abilities to follow this simple list of 5+1 items in whatever I do:

  1. Invest time in what’s precious to me: family, loved ones, things I love. Spend time on experiences, friends and getting to know more people or simply to read or learning something new.
  2. Work is always … just work, once i knock-off its good to detach. After all, why should I be in a hurry to work when the company won’t find it difficult to replace anyone of us within a week of losing us.
  3. Whenever pondering on an issue, try to see where it leads to and its worthiness.
  4. Have a hobby, you don’t have to be good at it, but you have to love it.
  5. Talk to have conversations, not to deliver words as far as possible.
  6. (bonus) Learn to enjoy every moment, whether good, boring or bad – learn to live and indulge in the moment. Make every moment count. 

Leica T, TL23mm – Here i am enjoying the view from the car window from an otherwise mundane journey. 

Fujifilm X100T

after all, No matter what, we do have to finish this journey on this road named ‘Life’ right?

and How about you?

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