A 3 hours quickie to Saint John’s and Lazarus island with the Fujifilm GFX50S.

Most of us local Singaporeans will plan to fly out to the Maldives or nearby Indonesia in the search for a rustic and laid-back pristine beach destination, however only a handful have actually bothered to step foot onto Saint John’s and Lazarus island, both hidden gems at Singapore’s backyard for that quick half to one day getaway away from the craziness of the city.

So it came to one day when the bros agreed to make a trip down to the 2 islands with our kids and cameras.

02 GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

To get to St. John’s island, a trip by ferry is a must. One can easily find the schedule here. Do note that if one cherishes privacy, yes, you can also book a whole boat to your own preferred timing instead of sharing the standard ones with other passengers.

DSCF8105 GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

Once one hits St John’s island, one is instantly greeted by well-paved roads and a superbly clear mini beach (yes, its basically a shoreline) not far away.

A little bit in, around 10 mins walk, one will see older abandoned buildings that stand testament to the island’s history as a quarantine station for cholera cases detected among immigrants in the late 19th century, by 1930 the island gained world recognition as a quarantine centre. The quarantine station was eventually also used to house victims of other diseases, such as leprosy.

When mass immigration was closed in mid-20th century, the island was used to house a penal settlement and a drug rehabilitation centre and buildings like the ones you see now do litter the island but are mostly in an unoccupied state.

GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

There are a LOOOOOOOOT of cats and yes, monkeys around the island. To be safe, always remember that we are the visitors and them, the inhabitants of the island.

GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

Notice that “cross” in front of the main door?

At any time, one can simply choose to leave the main pathway into the island and have some time at the shoreline beach area of the island.

GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

And here is of course the standard customary tourist shot every takes. (and for me to be sure that I am on the right island)

GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

Mood shot yes, and this is how the shoreline looks across the beach. Note that this isn’t our main targeted pristine beach you will see when you walk along the shoreline.

10 GFX50S, GF63mm F2.8

Walking in further towards our target, one will come across little huts along the way to rest before moving on. We walked in the direction of Lazarus island along the newly constructed link.

GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

We soon reached our main destination, and how did we know?

GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

At the inner beach where everything is pristine, yes, the sight is beautiful (lol).

12 GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

Over here, it was scenery perfect and we ended up here for the next hour, having a good picnic and time enjoying the breeze and being out away from the city.

GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

Where the kids got their share of fun too.

15 GFX50S and GF63mm F2.8

Drone shot by one of the brothers in the trip.

and yes, we have plans to go back again soon, to explore the Island even further. 

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