Photography: Connecting the viewer and subject through the windows of one’s soul.

As the old saying goes:

one’s gaze is a direct window into one’s soul, one’s character.

and this is why whenever I meet someone new to me, my attention is always firstly fixated on the person’s gaze on me and for those whom I find worthy, my eyes are always in direct line of sight with theirs.

To many others and me, photography is a way to capture the emotions and the ‘moment’ The one feeling we as photographers want to bring across and of course in simple words; for the viewer to connect with the subject in the subject.

and it is here where when the eyes meet, the connection builds. 

A question fellow users have asked is “why is it that some photos speak to us more while some fall flat?” and of course one reason is the lack of connection.

And here’s where it is important to learn the techniques to bring sufficient light into the subject’s eyes to bring the gaze and the emotion the moment elicits to the viewer, whether its natural or artificial light – the key is always to remember the eyes should always (in general) the focus of the story-telling, the focus of the image.

E.M Cheung with GFX50s
GFX50S, GF110mm F2

C1010043 Leica CL, TL23mm Summicron


Fujifilm X-H1, XF23mm F2


Our emotions are fleeting, but photography allow us to peer into one’s hearts and minds for the eyes will always be one of the key windows to one’s soul.

Leica CL, TL18mm Elmarit.

and of course, portraiture photography is much more (environment, poses, lighting, communication) than just having the subject’s gaze take center-stage, its just that to me this is an essential starting point. 😌