Themes in Photography. Sharing a personal 2 year project.

To the striving to improve photographer, the word ‘theme‘ is as ubiquitous as the word ‘camera’ in photography.

Why a theme? 
Personally, to me a theme allows us to narrow our focal view, our vision and our subjects to maybe what some call a ‘story’.

There is a difference between ‘an accumulation of images’ vs ‘a collection of image’ end of the day. 

For a single image may speak of a story, a series of linked images adds another layer to the story,  a dash of time and a process of development to the story.

And this theme below took me 2 years.

Titled: [Siblings] or in Mandarin [喜欢裙子的颖琳和喜欢七分裤的颖妍], which endearingly means the elder sister who loves jeans and the younger sister who loves skirts.

I wanted to capture the interaction between 2 sisters, how they started out as total strangers and as time passed – moments of how they got along, fought, started to accept each other and bonded. Sorta like forming a tapestry from a multitude of everyday simplest moments and here’s a sample of 12 out of the eventual 50 that I hope you will enjoy.

The final product I envision this to be is a photo-book of 50 images.


[images were shot over 2 years from 2016 and a variety of cameras from Fujifilm, Leica, and Olympus were used]

#0 Fujifilm X-Pro2

#1 – Fujifilm X70

DSCF0182 #2 – Fujifilm X-Pro2

#3 – Fujifilm GFX50S

DSCF4116 #4 – Fujifilm X-T2

#5 – Fujifilm X100F

DSCF0200 #6 – Fujifilm X100F

#7 – Fujifilm X-Pro1

L1000107 #8 – Leica T

#9 – Fujifilm X100F

DSCF0725 #10 – Fujifilm X100F

#11 – Fujifilm X100F

#12 – Leica CL

and of course the journey continues.

How about you? Any themes that has come to mind?

Thank you for reading 🙂