Photography. Does your image tell a story? and Vision vs Technique

Musings of the day.

We all photograph.

And every single time we depress that shutter button, engaging ourselves in the creation of an image whether digital or not – its a fact that we are all partaking in this process of immortalising a particular moment that spoke to us personally in that particular moment of time.

To romanticise it, one can say its Seeking to allow the camera and lens to speak for us, to tell the story of that moment.

Majulah! or Majulah?
DSCF4187 Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF23F2

Or maybe in more literary terms, photography to me does align to the adage of : ‘A Picture speaks a thousand words (or in my terms –

‘A Photo tells its own Story’

We can argue until the end of time, until maybe even until the day photography is irrelevant that an image should have that amount of sharpness, that amount of bokeh, that right focal length, that rule of thirds some say is sacred and some say must be broken ,that right amount of noise or even that right amount of light in it.

But to me that’s probably trying to ‘scientify’ something thats actually should be an art.

Why do I say so?
Before one jumps to the wrong conclusion that technique is irrelevant, let me say that is important, but more important that technique is vision.

Technique allows us to reproduce the moment the way we wish to, but its the right vision that decides whether the moment is worth one pressing the shutter. 

Where are my Friends? where are my friends :(
Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF18F2

I am Tired.
Fujifilm X70

Olympus Pen F, 17mmF1.8

With the multitude of images being uploaded every single day, numbering in the millions per hour, how then does one’s image stand out , thats also a question sometimes I think about.

The Blessed Spot?
Southern RIdges
Fujifilm X-T1, XF55-200F3.5-4.8

Maybe as a friend who once told me, every single click is in a way a part of the baring of my soul to you, the person who receives my image. Romantic and abstract? Absolutely. But somehow this phrase just stuck with me.

What do you think? I’ve no best answer, after all I am still a novice on this journey here with you too.