Nature with the Fujifilm Fujion XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6

A rule of thumb that respectful nature photographers obey is maintaining a respectable distance between subject and photographer, and that’s probably why we end up using long telephoto lenses typically beyond a 300mm equivalent when out in the field.

Moreover, my dad had indulged into me a good dose of common sense that its probably a bad idea to photograph a lion using a 35mm focal length distance.

And that’s why being an Fujifilm user, the XF100-400 LM OIS WR comes naturally into the picture.
(OIS means that this monster of a lens comes equipped with in-lens stabilisation, 5 beautiful stops of it. LM means Linear Motor, Fujifilm’s way of telling you its an high end lens with fast AF and WR simply means if it rains , wear a raincoat for yourself and continue shooting)

Here’s introducing the lens.
X-Pro2, XF100-400

and because I am a realist, this lens isn’t really for those who like them small.
P.S.: Its 1375 grams without caps.

But for what you lug, this h*** of a lens, this beauty gives it back to you with interest included in terms of its excellent image quality and performance.

Little Heron. Little Heron
at F5.6, ISO1600, 600mm equivalent.

Yellow-vented Bulbul.
Yellow vented bulbul
at F5.6, ISO1600, 600mm equivalent.

Malayan Water Lizard

Malayan Water Monitor Lizard at F5.6, ISO5000, 600mm equivalent.

If smaller subjects worries you handling a lens of this stature, I will be frank and say keep shooting.

Pacific Swallow Pacific Swallow at F5.6, ISO6400, 600mm equivalent.

Orb Spider Orb Spider at F5.6, ISO6400, 600mm equivalent.

and if you never realized, yes, I do shoot portraits with this lens too.


Exploration at F4.5, ISO200, 150mm equivalent

even tiny subjects. DSCF4615
at F5.6, ISO2000, 600mm equivalent.

White-collared Kingfisher
White collared Kingfisher
at F10, ISO400, 600mm equivalent.

There’s much more to show, but I shall not indulge.

Presently, yes, the XF100-400mm is the most expensive piece of glass anyone can buy from Fujifilm X-mount, but like all the good ones – you get back the value multifold. As long as you get out there and start photographing.

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  1. A very good explanation of on the use of telephoto lens an a stunning display of your nature shots! Always glad to visit you site!

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    1. Thank you Robert. It’s an interesting viewpoint I realized that a telephoto can be used for quite a variety of uses too which I learnt from others.

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