Review of the Fujinon XF50MM F1.0 – is it the One?

Officially announced by Fujifilm a month ago on the 3rd of September 2020, the Fujinon XF50mm f1.0 is a lens faced with many expectations to meet. I am here very glad to share a most honest and detailed hands-on review of this piece of optics.

Link is here.

2 Replies to “Review of the Fujinon XF50MM F1.0 – is it the One?”

  1. Keith, one request. Could you stop this annoying habit of having a blog post whose only purpose is to link to the “real” blog post?

    Social media professionals say that blog posts that title with questions are clickbait. I was not disappointed.


    1. I apologize for this if it made you frustrated Williams, duly noted. This was due to feedback it helped some locate the reviews nested under another column, so I will ponder on a neater way.


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