The adventures of Lynn and Sheep in Old Tampines, Singapore.

There are just one of those days where you feel that an adventure is worthy of one’s time, to do something out of the everyday mundane and this was one of those days.

At home, we are always quite careful of the girls maintaining the cleanliness of their soft toys and so for Lynn, it was really out of the norm that she was allowed to roam outside with the soft toy of her choice, a vintage sheep around 2 decades old. 

Setting off from the parent’s Housing development board (HDB) flats at Old Tampines.

Embarking on her first steps of adventuring. The Old Tampines HDB flats are adorned with lots of stickers and paintings to remind residents of the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

These decorative signs also provide a way to add color to the approximately 4 decades-old estate.

The first area Lynn and Sheep set foot onto was the open stage just a stone throw away. The traditional HDB flats provided an affordable form of housing for the general public, and with its designs, a strategic aim of providing common spaces for the residents of all races and nationalities to mingle and bond as an estate. 

Nowadays, one can find not just weddings and funerals taking place at these common spaces, but also activities run by the local Resident Committees (RC) to engage the residents.

Up the viewing gallery steps we go, it was Sheep’s first time out of the house in 2 decades and so Lynn sets Sheep down carefully at a comfortable spot. They sat there, admiring the beautiful flowers that have taken years to cultivate. 

On good days, one can see small groups of friends and family sitting here having their own conversations and even small picnics. 

After a while sitting there enjoying the view and afternoon breeze, Sheep started to feel restless, nudging Lynn for a bit of playtime and fun.

Fun ensued, and after a while, both Lynn and Sheep decided that they wanted a little me-time of their own, a short break from each other to explore on each’s own way.

The weather was not the most forgiving, with strong hot rays of light falling on Lynn and Sheep from the beaming sun with no signs of abating. 

Then Sheep said to Lynn, “maybe it is about time we return?”

And Lynn was reminded that Sheep being close to 2 decades old might be tired. We forget sometimes that in soft toys, one year’s age of being a soft toy is equivalent to 5 years of being a human.

And so, the little two friends decided to make their way back to the warmth and comfort of home. 

And of course, we must always remember our good manners and say: 

Thank you for reading 🙂 

*All the photographs here were made with the Nikon D850 and Nikkor 28mm f1.4 ED lens setup processed in Lightroom. 

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