Taipei – here I come !

When its time to travel, one of the perennial first world problems is to decide among the GFX50S, X-H1, X100F, RX0 and the Leica CL, which camera setup to bring along with the fact I do need my hands to be able to manage 2 young kids too.

For the last 3 times to Taiwan, I’ve packed along:

in 2016, The Fujifilm X100T with the TCL-X100 and WCL-X100,

in 2017, The Fujifilm X100F with WCL-X100,

in 2018, The Leica CL and TL23 Summicron.

and well …this time round…. the Fujifilm X-H1 and XF16-55F2.8 and XF23F2!


See you from Taipei soon!

Keith Wee

Photography Reviewer and Mathematics Educator. Writes for Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Fujilove and FujiXPassion and loves to share life as it is, with its sweet and bitter moments.

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