#22. Taiwan with the Leica CL and Tl23 Summicron

3 Days 2 Nights. 

8°C accompanied with a slight drizzle and bone biting winds

1 Body 1 lens

1 experience in Taipei City.

the Soul of Taipei

Season Hana.
ƒ2.0, ISO100

 C1010638 Welcome
ƒ3.2, ISO400

No one really sleeps here.
ƒ2.2, ISO250

C1010157 Tradition
ƒ2.2, ISO1000

ƒ2.8, ISO125

C1010956 it starts to Glow
ƒ2.8, ISO400

Journey to or from?
ƒ2.0, ISO1000

Gaze in the cold
ƒ2.8, ISO250

C1020006 the City which welcomes all
ƒ2.0, ISO800

Sweet Sweet City
ƒ2.0, ISO100

C1010995 Bonds?
ƒ2.0, ISO125

and with darkness there is Light too.
ƒ2.8, ISO100


Keith Father, Teacher and Life Photographer. Lives a life of positivism & seeks to photograph Life & his 2 toddlers Kei & Lynn.

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