Good Glass Matters webinar with Ivan Joshua Loh and Fujifilm Asia Pacific (Singapore)

After a few collaborations with Fujifilm X-Photographer Ivan Joshua Low on Fujifilm and photography related videos shared on Youtube (follow him there!), I was stoked to be invited to be the guest speaker on a webinar organised by Fujifilm Asia Pacific (Singapore) on the 31st March.

The discussion was titled ‘Good Glass Matters‘ and here is gladly sharing the video of the webinar. (please watch from the 4th minute mark onwards)

Direct link

Some behind the scene photos thanks to Joel Lim from Joel Lim Photography, equipment used for the broadcast was the Fujifilm X-T4 and the Fujinon Cine-lens MK18-55 T2.9

You can follow Ivan Joshua Low at his IG : fujifanboys

All photos shared and video-setup were by the excellent Joel Lim of Joellim photography , IG: joellimphotography

2 Replies to “Good Glass Matters webinar with Ivan Joshua Loh and Fujifilm Asia Pacific (Singapore)”

  1. I don’t much care for Ivan Joshua. Some people are better at handling social media and marketing than there are as photographers. In my opinion Keith, you come across as a subjective authority with discerning opinions which are very grounded. Saying good glass matters is a dividing comment. It’s safe to say that considerable amount of work done with digital cameras have outcomes reliant on digital sensors with in camera processing and sharpening. And also development of auto focus seems to be improving to achieve higher rates of critical focus. Leica lenses on the other hand haven’t changed significantly and the price being a rather high bar are at a level of their own. Fujifilm may be planning to release new cameras with hopefully new sensors. I hope to see new reviews from you concerning the above. There’s much to look forward to isn’t there Keith even if the world is in a bit of the mess right now ?


    1. Hi Baladino! I do agree on how when we thought the world is messed up enough, it indeed goes and one-up us, but then it is because of this we have to focus harder on finding joy 🙂

      While I am sure tech will improve (obvious haha) the photography experience, I believe every user has his or her own balance point. For example a Sony Alpha One is an extremely powerful machine, but to me its simply a machine and I do not feel anymore more regarding it.

      I hope Fujifilm SG will allow me an opportunity to test the next gen sensors when they appear, let us see. Take care.


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