Thank you 2021 and here’s to a better 2022!

To many, 2021 was the prolongment of what 2020 was, packed full with twists and turns, polarising perspectives, loss in numerous forms from griefing for our loved ones to opportunities.

It was not easy but today on the last day of 2021. I wish to give appreciation for what 2021 provided too. Let us have hearts big enough to forgive (but not forget) and Start new with all the vigor and enthusiasm in 2022.

Despite all the negatives, I am sure we all had moments in 2021 we are proud of. You definitely earned it.

Good bye 2021 and happy New Year 2022!

2 Replies to “Thank you 2021 and here’s to a better 2022!”

  1. Best wishes for the new year to you Keith. Looking forward to more well written reviews!

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