Brompton Photoshoot with the Nikon Z6 II

For those who have been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I have taken up cycling (yeap, slow to the game at nearing 40 years of age) and luck be it that I managed to find myself part of a very vibrant cycling community focusing on Bromptons and Birdys.

Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S

And with good luck, I managed to make friends with a Brompton collector who’s limelight shy (we will refer to him as Mr. J) and he kindly loaned me one of his Bromptons for a while and so in return, I thought of marrying two of my interests – photography and cycling.

A wise person once said: Find 3 hobbies: one that earns you money, one that keeps you in shape, and one that keeps you creative.

Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S

And I guess I have been blessed enough to find number 4 – one that allows me to meet new good friends.

Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S

This of course won’t be a 1000 words review but simply a photo-essay, showing the photos of the shoot and simply why the output of Nikon cameras keep me hooked, despite them taking close to 4 years to play ‘catch-up’ with Canon and Sony with the Z9. I won’t be reviewing bicycles as I frankly know too little about bicycles to say much either.

Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S
Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S

For once, this set of photographs were actually all photographed in JPEG and only very slightly post-processed instead of my typical work-from-raw where possible workflow.

The light was good, I had great equipment and a beautiful model to photograph with zero pressures. Totally enjoyment.

Z6 II, 35mm F1.8S

and that’s it.

Do keep safe and see you around for my next review. 🙂

4 Replies to “Brompton Photoshoot with the Nikon Z6 II”

  1. Keith, that is one rare collectible color. Beautiful photos you took of it.


    1. Thank you 🙂 it’s metallic purple and I’m sure without the kind owner – not something I’ll get the opportunity to experience


  2. Hi Keith, beautiful photographs shared here. What is your take on the Nikon mirrorless system?


    1. Hi Qin, thank you. Nikon Z is my workhorse system actually, and I’ve the 24-70, 35, 85 amongst others for it. It does have to go back to personal preferences and needs because while the Z6/7 II are lacking in AF compared to their counterparts from Sony and Canon, it is the output and image quality that I like most.


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