Monochrome moments with the Canon RF50mm f1.2L and R6

From my previous review on the Canon R6, RF50mm f1.2L and RF35mm f1.8STM, it was without a doubt barring the weight of the RF50/1.2, this piece of optics from Canon is going to be a dream setup in terms of optical performance paired with the reliable tracking system of the R6.

And interestingly quite a few wrote to me seeking more samples, and hence giving birth to this sharing which will be more visual based instead of words.

the ultimate set-up (for my level of use)

The RF50mm f1.2L comes equipped with a 10-blade diaphragm and 15 elements in 9 groups, backed by 3 aspherical elements. This lens provides stellar optical performance with smooth, near circular bokeh and extreme sharpness wide open.  

Quickie recap

So while I still had my review kit (Canon Singapore is extremely kind) with me, I decided to focus on a 10 days monochrome photography project with the R6, RF50/1.2L setup and here is me glad to sharing the daily moments.
*I did wish that we could have gone out more but due to Singapore’s worsening Covid-19 situation it wasn’t the best to leave the house and mingle.

Junior picking up badminton

f2, ISO100
f2, ISO100
f2, ISO100
shot by the Fujifilm X-Pro3, XF23mm f2

Snakes & Ladders

f2, ISO100
f2, ISO100
f2, ISO100
buncha softies
f2.8, ISO100

Readying, show & tell

f2, ISO100
f4, ISO320
f4, ISO100
f2.8, ISO100
f2.8, ISO100


f2, ISO100
f2, ISO320
f2, ISO100

Final thoughts

Frankly the focus here is the RF50mm f1.2L, the craziness of how excellent this lens has performed in my enthusiast hands. The focusing system of the R6 simply works, even across glasses or when its capturing motion or quick-to-disappear moments. Comparatively, the Nikon Z system still seems to have a minor issue in eye-detection across glasses, which in fairness is still decent if I were to compare with another system I am using which can fail in detecting a face in good light.

I can only imagine the immense potential that this lens can provide in the hands of another more able photographer. One might bring to mind the mind-watering price of USD2299, but in my opinion, this lens will, and trust me, it will have one yearning to go back to shooting it even if one may complain about the price and its weight because the RF50mm f1.2L simply excels in what it was designed to do.


  1. The Canon R6 and RF50mm f1.2L are on loan from Canon Singapore, and I was not paid in any form for this review.
  2. All images shared are photographed by me. All the black and white samples were shot in Monochrome mode in the R6 and edited in Lightroom Classic CC to my preferences.

Thank you for reading.

7 Replies to “Monochrome moments with the Canon RF50mm f1.2L and R6”

  1. The RF50 1.2L is really lovely. Pity that the price places it out of reach for many aspiring photographers like me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yup, it’s one of the really good 50mm I’ve tried too. Price wise I guess that’s a bit of this ‘is’ the best 50 one can get from Canon mirrorless and thus priced so.


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