The Sun & the Beach with the Leica Q

Somehow being a father to the two girls I realise that very few activities get them more excited than going to the beach.

And of course nothing beats two kids willing to spend time under the sun over staring at the screen so I am definitely not complaining.

Leica Q f2.8, ISO100

And with good light, a spacious area with the salty smell of the sea in the nostrils, I am glad to be part of the sunny beach ecosystem with them and just wish to share the images documenting the moments from the Leica Q.

Baby Stars with the Leica Q f16, ISO100
Leica Q f2.2 ISO100 (I had thought I set it at f2)
Leica Q f2.2 ISO100 (I had thought I set it at f2)

The Leica Q is somehow always my choice of fixed lens compact simply because of how excellent the optics are. True that it will be lacking in autofocus speed versus the more modern competitors but few of the come close to the Leica Q’s 28mm Summilux optics in pure quality.

In fact, my two most heavily used everyday compacts are the Fujifilm X100V and the Leica Q.

Leica Q f2.0, ISO100
Leica Q f2.0, ISO100

Not forgetting the customary sand play kit.

Leica Q f2.0, ISO100
Leica Q f2.0, ISO100
She calls him Mr GoGGles – Leica Q f2.0, ISO100

Every brand’s camera’s software works differently, and somehow I feel that for the Leica Q’s auto-ISO settings, it seems that it is programmed to push for a lower ISO as often as possible, sometimes at the cost of lower shutter speeds – but then, the Leica Q comes with OIS (Optical image stabilisation) which easily adds to the viability of these hand held shots.

I can’t really find this detail in the instruction manual but from experience the OIS easily adds around 2 and a half to 3 stops of added hand-held stability.

Leica Q f5.6 ISO100
Leica Q f5.6 ISO100
Leica Q f3.5, ISO100

The Leica Q does not have eye-detection and comes with only face-detection with its 49 points contrast-detect autofocus system (note that Sony’s top tier cameras comes with 693 points in comparison) but hey, it scores well like the Nikon and Sony systems in the most important auto focus criteria – reliability.

Leica Q f2.8 ISO100

Lastly, the 28mm native focal length is easy to manage. I make it a point to never use the 35mm and 50mm digital crops on the camera (oh come on) and am happy with simply taking the few steps ahead or backwards to frame the image.

Leica Q f2.0, ISO100

Lastly, before I sign off, the last reason why I love the Leica Q so much is how neutrally beautiful it renders images and colours. White balance is mostly tack accurate, allowing one to easily manage its files.

Thank you for dropping by 🙂

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