Review of the Fujifilm X-S10 – Strategic Evolution in progress

Sharing my just posted review of the Fujifilm X-S10 camera and why this camera actually does matter as the camera spearheading Fujifilm’s next step of evolution.

Link is here

Note: In case some readers are offended, it is never my intent to use this page as way to grab extra views / as a clickbait to the main review URL. This may sound presumptuous but the Ad earnings generated from page views don’t really pay for food on the table hence getting views is not my priority vs my top priority of a reader finding my reviews a meaningful read.

As my reviews are nested under the Gear Reviews page, I realise that readers/subscribers will not be notified of a new review post under this page and thus I have to use this method for now until WordPress tech support can provide me a more elegant solution.

I do apologise to those offended by this.

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