Documenting the post Covid-19 lockdown nights with the Fujifilm X-Pro3.

After a productive succession of 5 photography reviews during the 56 days Singaporean version of a Covid-19 lockdown (post here) the government called a circuit-breaker, the whole nation restarted steps back to normalcy with most activities allowed to resume Jun 19 onwards.

Read details here

my setup – the X-Pro3, XF18mm with a Classic Chrome simulation adjusted to emulate Kodak Portra

Of course, there are articles showing how life post-circuit-breaker is like in the shopping belts and malls. To me that’s not ‘real’ enough and this mini series is on documenting how life post-circuit-breaker happens in the neighbourhood, with a slant to showing activities on the first night post-Covid-19 lockdown with the Fujifilm X-Pro3 & XF18mm f2.

1. All images were shot with the X-Pro3 and XF18mm, using Classic Chrome edited to simulate Kodak Portra.
2.  I reserve ownerships to these images, I am generally very easy-going with ownership as I believe photography should be generous. Still, there have been a few cases where readers have notified me of others who have used the images for purposes of profit.

This elderly gentleman seemed forlorn, standing for a while in front of the clinic in the middle of the road
The new norm of a maximum of 5 patrons per table spaced far apart, with face masks only removable during eating and drinking
Even as cashless transactions are recommended, it is tough to really implement for small businesses given the associated implementation costs.
These two gentlemen were ‘smart’, leaving their cups of drinks unattended and using that as ‘reason’ to not don a mask while chit chatting.
Celebrating whatever whenever we can
The floor design elements for a long time to come (rolls eyes)
Living within boundaries (tape)
I know this is not supposed to happen because no one is allowed legally to smoke while out in the open and wearing a face mask 🤣
I just liked how the light rays spread themselves against the ground here
Reminders that it’s not really ok yet are everywhere
Hanging out
Petrol Pumps: no longer unnecessary
He was really pissed at me as he thought I wanted to report him for flouting the face-mask rule while outside.

beautiful night, beautiful lights

Thank you for reading 🙂

*if you are curious, the images here are mostly SOOC, with adjustments made to Classic Chrome (+2 Shadow, -1 Highlight, +2 Color, Grain added with customised White balance)

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