Lynn’s hunt for a camera bag for the Fujifilm X100T

*before anything, here’s a shout-out to the great folks at Faure Le Page (Paris) for actually bothering to entertain me and my sometimes illogical requests. 

Like Kei, Lynn also has her own camera that (yes, I am guilty as charged), which is an excellent Fujifilm X100T gifted to her from friends at Fujifilm Asia Pacific that she uses.

here’s her back in 2018 (around 2 years old) learning how to use the EVF on my X100F.

And it was a surprise when a few weeks ago, (I guessed it was the feminine genes in her activating) that she asked me for a bag to hold her camera, the X100T. 

Here’s the lady now with my X-Pro3 Dura Silver at coming to 4 years old. 

Bemused, I passed her my Peak Design 5L because to me it’s obvious that the kids should use hand me downs and the next thing which is the worst thing she did was that she rejected it, saying that the Peak Design 5L was an ugly bag and it did not fit her frame well at all. (I myself carry a PD 15L backpack ok) 

Cue my broken heart 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶 😱  🥶

And with almost 100% of camera bags made for the adult frame,  none of the ones at home had a strap that was short enough for her coming to 4-year-old body size too.

She then pointed to the Goyard Voltaire in the house and said, “Papa, I want a design like that”. 

Yeap, all 7 words of it can be very stunning. 

So feeling bored and not wanting another Goyard in the house, and personally since the brand Faure Le Page has always intrigued me as a brand of heritage that has existed since 1717 (that’s when the guy named Louis XV was still alive and walking around the streets of France), I thought, why not contact them out of the blue and see what they can do for a customized camera bag or one that can fit Lynn. 

And that started a crazy request met only by a level of customer service so professional and exacting that the house of Faure Le Page can indeed be proud of. 

Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 3.37.27 PM

Not just only bothering to reply to the request of someone random, with nothing more than a rough idea of what he wanted, they ensured that every possible thing that can go wrong was seen to and resolved, down to the frame and height of the person carrying it so that it would be a comfortable fit. 

And once confirmed, all it took was 24 hours for them to hand-ship the bag from Paris to Singapore. 

Just for knowledge, The brand’s trademark fish scale monogram canvas is based on an archival pattern and goes through an elaborate and painstaking hand-printing method that’s said to be akin to silkscreen printing.

In all, each piece of canvas goes through a seven-step process and four months to complete. In simple English, every single detail of the monogram is basically hand-drawn and I have always been drawn to levels of details like this. 

Not just the X100T, the Hands-On fits her bag of wet tissues and random hair clips with space to spare. 

And the cutest thing? I do know there’s a boutique based in Singapore (Faure Le Page has a boutique at Takashimaya), and before the email, I had called them to inquire for advice. 

And the polite person who answered my call had this to say: “Dear Sir, I have checked our catalog and I am sorry to say that we do not have a current design that fits your needs”

Intriguing I guess, and a reason why I stopped bothering with the boutiques a few years ago, preferring to liase direct with the brands themselves. 

And… why Lynn and not Kei? Because she prefers Hello Kitty to Faure Le Page.

Thank you for reading.


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