A 24 hour fling with the Sony RX1R II & comparisons with the Leica Q2

Much has been said about one of the most anticipated camera releases of 2015, the Sony RX1r Mark II (or RX1R II for short) that I don’t feel much need to introduce the multiple awarded and still the most compact Full frame fixed lens camera. 

This round, I plan to share in 2 parts, Part I on a visual sample of images from the RX1R II as a reminder of how relevant it is still today even in 2019 and Part II on a very short comparison of it vs the Leica Q2. (my Leica Q2 review is here)

Part I: A Visual review with the Sony RX1R II

The RX1R II comes equipped with an excellent Zeiss 35mm f2 lens matched to the 42.4 megapixel sensor.

Of course if you wish to have it, the full specs are available here.

Notably even with 4 years of technological progress, even the just announced Leica Q2 is noticeably larger in size and weight than the RX1R II, a testament to Sony’s prowess as a photography powerhouse.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 2.11.14 PM.png

Sourced from: cameradecision.com

I very recently had the opportunity to test a set of the RX1R II over a weekend and obviously I jumped at it.

f2, ISO500

f5.6, ISO100

f2, ISO100

f2, ISO100

f2, ISO100 (shot through tinted glass)

A part of learning I came away with was that I had previously avoided Sony due to having a dislike for its colour science but that was when I was still very much unlearned in managing RAW files, and boy I am glad to be able to test the RX1R II again, for it showed me again now how great the optics can be potential-wise this 4 year old camera has.

A twist is all one needs to move into Macro mode, from 0.2m to 0.35m

f2, ISO1000

f2, ISO200

f2, ISO200

in case, you were wondering, the EVF is pretty well designed at 0.74x and 2.36 megapixels and works very well in strong light.  

f2, ISO100

f2, ISO800

f2, ISO1250

f2, ISO100

f2, ISO100

Not forgetting it sports eye-AF and 399 AF points back in 2015 when the Leica Q had only 49 AF points, giving it an edge. 

f2, ISO100

f2, ISO100

Part II – Comparing the Leica Q2 with the RX1R Mark II

That said, of course we will have questions of the RX1R II vs Q2 and there are many ways to make comparisons. But in the case of brevity, I will work it down by listing (IMO) the few key Pros one camera has over another. 

Sony RX1R II Pros over Leica Q2

1. Significantly smaller size and lower weight
2. It has a tilt screen which can really make a difference in shooting
3. The Zeiss 35mm f2 lens has lesser distortion in comparison to the Q2’s 28mm f1.7 lens.
4. It still does a larger ISO range than the Q2, from ISO100 to 102,400 vs Q2’s ISO50 to ISO50,000.
4. It is now much cheaper in comparison to the Q2 (SGD 3499 vs SGD7450)

This is how compact it is in the hands of a 4 year old. 

Leica Q2 Pros over Sony RX1R II

1. The Q2’s performance in Autofocus and video is significantly ahead of the RX1R II. 
2. Battery life is much better, it is approximately 300-400 shots per charge on the Q2 vs 150 shots per charge on the RX1R II
3. The Q2 has a much more robust build than the RX1R II, being also weather sealed. 
4. A slightly brighter aperture of f1.7 on the Q2 vs f2 on the RX1R II, but do note the Q2 automatically steps down when one moves into macro mode.
5. UHS-II support really cuts down write time, no more waiting for the buffer to clear.
6. The Q2 sports OIS, which the RX1R II doesn’t, allowing for more versatility in shooting during low light.

However, no matter the comparisons, both cameras still sport immense potential for it’s users, especially now that the strengths can actually give reasons according to what one finds more important to have in one’s camera of choice, whether it is size, budget, imaging or autofocus performance. 

f2, ISO800

Thank you for reading. 


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