Life: always worth it if you know where to look.

*the featured image of Lynn on the carousel? Its shot by a Nikon Df and a 58 f1.4G, which I think G means Gorgeous. 

Today is Lynn’s 3rd bday, (yup, she’s now 3!).

To those who have seen her photos along the last 3 years on social media where it mostly looked lovey-dovey and all sweet and beautiful, let us be honest – social media is well, just 1 side to a multi-faceted reality. 

In fact I had once made sure I posted a photo of Kei crying buckets back then when an aunt disapprovingly asked that how can Kei always be so happy. 

Anyway, back to Lynn. 

Week 0
Fujifilm X-Pro2, Lynn.

Few knew that in her first week in this world she had to do a full check on her heart for fear of complications. I am always appreciative of that she cleared the odds for this.

It wasn’t getting here, with the first thing she had to go through in life was that she had to be all wired up for a comprehensive heart check.

2 months old
Fujifilm X70

Next thing was that she had to be hospitalised in all of 2 months old when she caught a case of herpagina (HFMD but milder). even today I can still remember the look of the needle transfixed to her curled up palm, how big the needle was compared to the size of her fist. 

12 months old
Fujifilm GFX50S. 

Time went on, she learnt how to move around fast, exploring the home in her unsteady steps back then by the 12th to 13th month. 


And of course her world got larger and larger as time passed, with her learning about society more day by day and navigating her way around the stuff we generally term as ‘sh**’. There were good times, bad times and obviously times where we felt drained by the incessant demands of life but we prodded on. 

24 months old

Through taking in experiences through her own lens, her own character and viewpoint of things soon started to take root, and took on its own life and making her unique, like all of us each with our weird, ugly, beautiful and nice sides. 

30 months old
Fujifilm GFX50S

A sense of humour also started to settle in, with a clear distinction between likes and dislikes. 

32 months old
Leica Q

And I think in all, the most beautiful part is where we are part of building up another person’s life and seeing how that life comes together. 

And other than saying it’s a birthday today, to me its a reminder that yeap, life can get “shi**” but remember, once one gives up its all over, but if we learn to breathe in, learn to enjoy the good moments and pick up the strength to move on – life will definitely get better (yes, the cynic in me says ‘hope’) 

As with all things in life that we invest in, whether it is our careers, our children, pets, a cause or even a belief – satisfaction is always around the corner if we are willing to take a step back and appreciate what we have. 

36 months old
(she’s unwell today actually, caught a case of flu from another kid , thanks to an irresponsible parent who sent a sick kid to childcare, yeap – ‘Life’) 

Happy 3rd Birthday Lynn. 

4 Replies to “Life: always worth it if you know where to look.”

  1. What a lovely post and beautiful images, hope your daughter is well. Cheers


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