Happiness: The Pursuit of it.

Since young and even now moving into the 30s..

Like many of us, I have worked hard in seeking out happiness – with some around me getting obsessed with living the ‘high / good / perfect” life, whatever the form of true happiness was supposed to be.

Now my take is this is probably more of marketing speak by the self-help workshops and books. After all, it is hardly a task to guess who will be the happiest running a “Happiness” workshop for participants at $800 a pop.

I believe Life itself is a multi-faceted continued procession of good and bad moments and I don’t believe in a fairy tale like event of ‘happily ever after’.

If one lived in perpetual perfect happiness without the concept of sadness, then how will one even recognise happiness? 

Happiness is also subjective, as humans we love to judge. But what is there to judge if purchasing that $4000 handbag or having some me-time seated quietly at the corner of the bustle of society is a happy moment for the person involved?

My personal take is instead of focusing on obtaining ‘perfect’ happiness, I will simply prefer to just live in the moment, allow myself to indulge in the good moments a bit more, and vice versa, working quick and fast to move away from the not-so-good and bad moments.

Same goes for the opposite, I am sure some of us are ‘stuck’ with toxic people around us at work or home but learning to live in the moments helps us to manage emotions too. After all, it is gonna be a tragedy for one to be perpetually down. 

Happiness isn’t supposed to be an overly complicated affair but its not free for the taking either. 

Learning to deal with bad moments is actually as important as finding the good moments. 

Happiness is a process we live in, and it is composed of the ‘want’ to be happy, even during times where we feel down. It’s not easy, but I do want to be happy and let’s try our best to do so, not just for ourselves but for the sake of those who love us. 

*all the photos shared here were taken with a Leica M Typ240 and a 35 Summicron.

Thank you for reading. 

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