A 2 year old toddler with a camera, sure?

One thing I do which I know disturbs some immensely is the amount of access my 4 and 2 year old girls to my photography gear. 

Not that cheapest camera that I plan to dump, but access to all of my gear. 


The first question is, “aren’t you afraid they will break or simply drop the camera?” 

I will confess that’s a legit worry but then I guess its also how one manages the rules one sets with the kids handling the cameras. 

And of course my firm belief that :

Kid’s are not gonna learn the way you want them to unless they experience it, especially very young kids. 

Obviously I am not going to recommend one suddenly opening the flood gates and allow your dear offspring to handle your Leica M240 or heirloom cameras.



But well, if you can, let them try, and they might really pleasantly surprise you with how they can at the same time pick up a passion of yours and a different skill set
(P.S: Its not really easy to teach a 18 months old kid to understand the an EVF gives a WYSIWYG view and that it has to work in tandem with a shutter press

IMG_8144 IMG_8145


After all, opportunities to learn only do knock only so many times. 

and …. end of the day, what can really go wrong 😆


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