The 10 unseen steps of work that goes into a landscape or architecture shot.

First: Preparing the appropriate set of equipment. One that’s wide enough and is appropriate for the environment of the targeted place to photograph.

e.g.: Most wouldn’t bring a Leica M60 to shoot a horse racing event.

Second: its the search for a right vision, one that invites interest at that correct point of view. 

Third: the planning for the right moment of time of the day. 

Fourth: offering prayers for the perfect weather condition. Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Poor Light,  Too little clouds, Too many clouds – anyone alone can stutter the shot. 

Fifth: waiting for the perfect moment, and in this case, that 10 minutes between golden and blue hours of photography for the sky to be sufficiently coloured up but yet not overwhelmingly dark or bright. 

Sixth: securing the right spot. Good luck to you if its a shot or a vantage point where everyone must get. 

Seventh: setting up. All must be good. 

Eighth: Getting the shot with the optimum settings. Low ISO, the right amount of depth of field.

Curse the number of times I’ve forgot and went ahead with auto-ISO.

Ninth: Setting the shot into Lightroom and editing it towards the vision one envisions. 

Tenth: Completion.

GF23mm GFX50S
The equipment used: GFX50S, GF23mm.
Image of Dome at Evening shot at ISO200, 1/3s at F4.

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