Newborn Photography: Maybe if we could also…

Welcoming a newborn in the family is one of those ‘most or if not, the most‘ important moments in one’s lives and of course, it is very understandable that many parents wish to have keepsakes of these precious moments.

But somehow it seems to be quite common nowadays for some to hear the saying that taking photographs of new-borns are an easy task.

DSCF0303 Fujifilm X-H1, XF35F1.4

After all, they might say:

“what’s there to do other than getting them to fall asleep and then posing their little flexible bodies in all the pre-prepared cute setup and clothes?”

Its not that I do totally disagree with the whole idea of getting the cute little ones asleep and prepped into pre-prepared setups so that the photographer is able to get the session done say in an hour or two, but from my experience…. sometimes maybe we can also…

Try to get a shot of them beautiful eyes with them awake? (even if they get pissed off)

Fujifilm X-H1, XF35F1.4 

Try to get a shot of them interacting with the surroundings?

Fujifilm X-H1, XF35F1.4

Try to get a shot of a priceless moment? Such as a beautiful expression?

Fujifilm X-H1, XF35F1.4

Try to get a shot of the precious newborn interacting with his or her love ones? DSCF0377
Fujifilm X-H1, XF35F1.4

I am far from being a professional user and at most a hobbyist, but I believe the mindset of working at removing the notion of this being another session at the production line helps a lot.


As photographers, not forgetting these photographs are here to immortalise a precious moment to the client and family is important and personally I feel a constant reminder of allowing one to also be part of the moment, to feel the emotions in the moment, to share in the love and tenderness in the moment, is very important at separating this from another production line type of project from one where one has invested his or her emotions and vision in creating an image.