Musings: A bad day can happen to anyone.

IMG_3072iPhone 8.

Life as we all know has its fair (and well unfair) of good and bad days.

From a more zen approach, one will only know and appreciate ‘good‘ if there is a ‘bad‘ as a comparison and thus for one to know ‘good‘, one needs to experience ‘bad‘.

Therefore to know a ‘good’ day will only mean one has had a ‘bad’ day.

The responsibilities of of daily life brings on the incessant grind we are all so accustomed with, however with the philosophical idea that a cup can be seen to be half-full or half-empty, different persons may end up with a different take to the same reactions and of course, differing expectations.

Expectations can also be uplifting or a deadweight to our souls, either encouraging us to do better or simply reminding us there’s no further point. Its a very fine thin line in between but yet the consequences can be so varied.

Experiences → Mindset → Reactions → Expectations.

SO i always remind myself.

To have a bad day today meant that I once had a good day, I can’t change the fact its a lousy day but I can control my reaction and expectations to the day and the people who’s part of my life today. 

Keith Wee

Photography Reviewer and Mathematics Educator. Writes for Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Fujilove and FujiXPassion and loves to share life as it is, with its sweet and bitter moments.