Musings: A bad day can happen to anyone.

IMG_3072iPhone 8.

Life as we all know has its fair (and well unfair) of good and bad days.

From a more zen approach, one will only know and appreciate ‘good‘ if there is a ‘bad‘ as a comparison and thus for one to know ‘good‘, one needs to experience ‘bad‘.

Therefore to know a ‘good’ day will only mean one has had a ‘bad’ day.

The responsibilities of of daily life brings on the incessant grind we are all so accustomed with, however with the philosophical idea that a cup can be seen to be half-full or half-empty, different persons may end up with a different take to the same reactions and of course, differing expectations.

Expectations can also be uplifting or a deadweight to our souls, either encouraging us to do better or simply reminding us there’s no further point. Its a very fine thin line in between but yet the consequences can be so varied.

Experiences → Mindset → Reactions → Expectations.

SO i always remind myself.

To have a bad day today meant that I once had a good day, I can’t change the fact its a lousy day but I can control my reaction and expectations to the day and the people who’s part of my life today.