Starting afresh

GR II, Ricoh.

hi there,

Today’s the birthday of this blog/site/page (whatever you call it) , and personally its a move out of my comfort zone of posting photography reviews on Clubsnap .

Unlike most who start a photography focused site, for example one of my favs Jonas (no, not that set of brothers) are full time professional photographers, I am at most a hobbyist with a lot of luck that has enabled me to obtain new photography before launch or even announcements and as such the habit of sharing my experiences started.

To start off, I’ve started with the 2 reviews I have done previously for the Leica M10 and the Fujifilm GFX50S (you will find them in the review section)

Well, that’s about it for now.


Keith Wee

Keith: Father, Teacher and Life Photographer. Writer for Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Fujilove and FujiXPassion and seeks to photograph Life & his 2 toddlers Kei & Lynn.

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