An user review of the Leica M6 Titanium and 35 Summicron V5 with samples is up.

An 2018 user review of the Leica M6 titanium and 35mm Summicron V5 setup for film photography.


The everyday portrait lens: Fujion GF45 mm F2.8

A question we hear so often is which lens is the ‘one‘ for portraits. Like most of us, I started this slippery slope with firstly obeying the generally ‘recommended’ focal lengths of 90mm, then sliding down further towards lenses with ever larger apertures before I finally settled on what works for me other than the…

Blue Skies.

Skies of Blue, wide and sparse – do you have a spot for me?

Review of the Fujifilm X-T100 is here !

Today on 24 May 2018, Fujifilm has announced the smallest member for the X-mount family, the X-T100. I’ve been fortunate to review it before release and am very humbled to share with everyone here my review at the link here.

Up and Downs of Life: A necessary cycle.

WE can choose to still live in the moment, taking in the Ups as learning and preparation for the Ups and the Ups as a storage of reserves of emotional strength for the Downs.